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Carrying out wasp removal safely requires expertise and this is why you need to hire Elysium Pest Control.
When customers contact us to carry out wasp nest removal in Fife, the majority of customers have tried the DIY methods. However, this carries a major risk which we cannot stress enough.

Elysium Pest Control’s wasp nest removal service in Fife is one of our specialities and we do this by eliminating the wasps including the nest.

How do we Get Rid of a Wasp Nest?

We first of all carry out a survey of the area infested by the wasps and identifying the cause of the nest and then come up with the most efficient and safest approach to remove the nest quickly and safely.

 How to find a Wasps Nest – What  Are The Signs?

If there is a high volume of wasps in your home or garden there is likely to be a nest nearby. A mature nest in summer can contain thousands of wasps. It is important to treat a wasp nest early to reduce the threat of a wasp sting, which can be very painful and even cause an allergic reaction.

Wasp Nest Removal Fife

A mature wasp nest only found in late summer will almost certainly require professional treatment due to the high risk of wasp stings.
By this stage, a nest may contain thousands of individual wasps.

• We offer a complete wasp control solution.
• We have special protective gear to keep safe during treatment.
• All treatments are customised to ensure effective control of the wasp nest, based on its location.
• We offer expert advice to help prevent another problem in the future.

If you still wish to remove the nest yourself, it would be better to wait till late Autumn or Winter before attempting this and ensure you wear protective clothing as the treatment may still be active within the nest.
FACT: Nests cannot be removed straight away after professional treatments, as it can take several days for foraging wasps to come home to the nest. You need to wait until all the wasps have had time to return. As they do, they will also become contaminated and this ensures that the whole colony is dealt with in one go.

How To Identify A Wasps Nest ?
Wasps make their nests from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them distinctive papery walls. Nests are usually built in sheltered spots with easy access to the outside. You can often find wasp nests in:

·      Wall cavities
·      Roof spaces
·      Under eaves
·      In bird boxes
·      Sheds or garages.

To locate a wasp nest, carefully watch the flight path of the returning worker wasps to your property or garden. This is much easier during the summer months as wasp numbers increase.

how to get rid of a wasp nest

 The Difference between Wasps and Bees

The Common or Social Wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German wasp (Vespula germanica) are the wasps you are most likely to see in your home or business.

 Other wasp species are also considered pests but are far less common in the UK.
It is possible to confuse bees and wasps.
Bees nest will only be removed if there is a threat of nearby people.

 At Elysium Pest Control, we only treat bee nests as a last resort and only after contacting a qualified bee keeper.

Key Wasp Information
·      Wasps have much less hair on their bodies than bees.
·      Wasps have a tighter waist between the thorax and abdomen than bees.
·      Wasps are sometimes mistaken for hornets as they are similar in appearance, but wasps are smaller in size.
·      Wasps have distinctive yellow and black markings on their bodies.
·      They have three main body parts; the head, thorax and the abdomen.
·      Worker wasps vary in size from 12-17mm.
·      Only female wasps sting and can do so repeatedly.

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If you have spotted a number of wasps around your business premises or even your own property and looking for a survey to be carried out to identify if you have a wasp nest that needs carefully removed, then get in touch with us today.

You can always guarantee that Elysium will offer the advice you need and eliminate any pests.

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