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Seagull Treatment Fife

Seagull Treatment Fife. Are you looking for seagull treatment in Fife?

At Elysium Pest Control, we offer effective seagull treatment measures in Fife to remove seagulls or any type of birds from your home, workplace or any other property you find them at.

Note there is new legislation in place. It is now mandatory that the property owner has to apply for a removal license before pest control can take any action. A fine of up to £25K can be given to anyone not in compliance. For more details read more HERE. Alternatively you can call the number for the licencing team 01463 725 364

Seagulls are one of the pests which are known to be most annoying for clients and some may even carry diseases.

If you find yourself with a seagull problem, then we recommend you contact us, as the professional to either remove the birds (and nests, if necessary) to make sure they do not return. 

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History of Seagulls
Gull Species can live up to 25 years. They reach sexual maturity 5 years after birth and lay their eggs in April or May and will typically produce only one clutch each year containing 2-3 offspring.
The young will remain in their nests for 5-6 weeks. Gulls can be particularly aggressive throughout this period.
Seagulls were mostly associated with coastal towns and cities, but nowadays they have spread to inland towns and cities.
They can nest on roofs of hotels, private houses, office buildings, large factories and warehouses.

The birds can fly long distances looking for food. Their food is mostly found on landfill sites, agricultural land, sewerage outlets and scavenging from commercial and urban food waste.

Seagull Treatment Fife

How To Get Rid Of Seagulls In Fife.
In order to receive the greatest results from pest management, it’s vital that you get experts in to make certain that the infestation is entirely removed.

 If you do not choose professionals to remove the infestations you may not eliminate all the seagulls along with other pests, meaning you could have a consistent issue which lasts a while.

Elysium Pest Control is properly qualified and has many years of expertise; which means you can be sure the pest infestation will be taken off properly and quickly.

There are various businesses that claim to have a large amount of expertise within the field; although this might not always be the case so you should always look into the reliability and also case-studies.

Seagull Treatment Fife

Seagull Deterrent Fife
We offer a seagull deterrent to prevent the seagulls returning once the pest control is complete.
Seagull repellent is most effective when applied by professionals in the pest control industry. 
If you’d like us to offer you more information on seagull deterrents, make sure to ask us or fill out a contact form where we can provide you with more information.

 How Much Will It Cost Me To Get Rid Of Seagulls?
A variety of things could alter the expense of seagull elimination.
The type of pests which need to be removed can have an effect on the price.
Obviously if there are a lot of pests to capture, it’ll be a higher price.
Additionally if it’s an animal that is harder to trap it’s going to raise the expenses since more equipment must be employed.
Considering we are aware that infestations are concerning, we shall try to make the price as affordable as possible for you.

Seagull Treatment Fife

Call Elysium Pest Control for Seagull Control in Fife
Seagulls can be very aggressive when feeding or protecting their young.
This makes them pose direct public health risk mostly during breeding seasons and they will readily swoop down upon passing pedestrians.

 Removal of The Nests
Successful removal of the nests can easily help in getting rid of the birds from buildings which they have colonised for many years.
Proofing measures, strict waste management procedures, and environmental habitat control and are also other effective methods which can be used to control the birds.  

Bird Netting. 
If installed correctly bird netting can be really effective especially on.

  • The Underside of roofs in shops and warehouses.
  • Ornamental facades.
  • Balconies, Roofs and Canopies.

Bird spiking will help to deter perching and roosting on.

  • Roof edges
  • Windowsills.
  • Lighting units.
  • Guttering.
  • Structural beams.

We will go above and beyond our control duty by giving advice on practices and habits you can adopt in the future to compliment our Gull Control in Fife.

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