Feral Pigeon

Feral pigeons depend on mankind for their food and shelter.

Feral pigeons also known as street pigeons or city pigeons (Columba livia domestica) are a pest issue in most of our cities throughout Fife, Edinburgh and the UK, they can pose various health and property issues in urban environments. Here are some of the key concerns thatassociated with these birds: put together by Elysium Pest Contol based in Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline Fife

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Where did they come from?

All feral pigeons came from domesticated pigeons such as delivery birds and racing birds. In the wild the pigeon would have lived on cliff faces making buildings in towns and cities a perfect environment protected from predators and mankind. They usually build their nests in loft spaces of agricultural buildings, the underside of bridges, derelict industrial complexes and on the sheltered window ledges and facades of tall buildings. These environments all act as perfect places for the pigeon to breed, It won’t take long before droppings and nesting material start to build up becoming a hazard to health and damaging property.

 Feral pigeons Fife, how quickly do they reproduce?

 Feral pigeons can produce up to seven broods per annum with at least two young per brood breeding all year, a colony can be produced easily by one pair of breeding birds. At six months they can start to breed and live to about four years old.

How do I know if I have a Feral pigeon colony?
They will colonize a building quickly, the bird droppings will accumulate at an alarming rate causing damage to the building with it’s corrosive effects and irreversible damage to rooftops, walkways, vehicles and machinery.  By entering buildings through broken roof tiles, broken windows, gaps in the structure and fabric, they have a natural talent for finding flaws in buildings and working out ways of utilising them to their best advantage for nesting sites.

Should I clean up the bird fouling?
Pigeon and other species of bird droppings should only be removed by trained personnel using protective personal equipment. Bacteria such as Salmonella is present in the bird fouling so all precautions should be taken when doing clearance work. This work can be expensive so fixing egress points throughout your property and excluding the birds permanently is a must.

 Who do I call to get my property protected?
The only way to stop a colony of birds settling in your property is to have proofing work carried out. Bird netting, Spikes, Avishock and Bird wiring are all solutions that Elysium Pest Control can help you with. Repairs to a certain extent can also be undertaken by us.
Egg and nest removal is sure fire way to reduce a colony, sterilising eggs and shooting can also be carried out under license.
A survey would be carried out to develop a tailored solution to fill your needs.

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Dealing with Feral Pigeons is difficult without the correct training and skills acquired through experience in pest control. Elysium have the answer to your problem whether it’s a pest control programme or a Bird netting construction.

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