Dermestes Beetle

Effective Dermestes Beetle control Fife


Dermestes Beetles (dermestes spp) are a common household pest across homes in the Fife area feeding on protein- based products.
The three most common Dermestes Beetles found in Fife are the Hide Beetle, Larder Beetle and the Black Larder Beetle.
They all belong to the Dermestidae family and are related to the Varied Carpet Beetle. Whilst they are not harmful to humans they can cause damage to household items. Let is explain in more detail why you need assistance from Elysium Pest Control

What do they eat?

The Dermestes Beetle will feed on a wide range of animal proteins and will set up home in a variety of places as long as humans are close by. 
Leather products, skins, hides, feathers, cheese and pet food are all great sources of food to the beetle other sources of food also include, old wasp nests, animal or bird carcasses and a build up of dead insects (flies on window sills).

When found in food processing areas the Larder Beetle is actually feasting on dead insects that are associated with stored products.

Where are they found?

Found in kitchens with hygiene issues as there is a constant source of food  available to them as scraps under prep areas etc, they will breed quite happily in this environment. Look in the cupboards, behind fridges and cookers.
Chicken and Pig farms also have issues with the Dermestes Beetle.

What attracts them to properties?

The Dermestes beetle is a great flyer and is attracted to illuminated windows at night so when windows are left open at night they quite happily fly in with the moths.

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