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varied carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci home and storage pest

The Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus Verbasci) 

When you call for pest control is it just for Mice, Rats, Wasps and Ants?

But would you think of Carpet beetles?

Carpet Beetles are actually a very destructive pest and when it comes to wrecking textiles have a worse reputation than the clothes moth.

It is virtually impossible to wipe them out as their food source is hair off dogs, human hair, carpets and furniture. 

When am I likely to see them in my premises?

Adult carpet beetles are usually sighted to the end of spring and start of summer as they have emerged to look for warm areas to lay their eggs.

Wardrobes, linen cupboards, gaps in your walls and up in the attic are all warm safe areas. Storing blankets and woollens in vacuum bags and sealed plastic boxes is a must as this is the perfect food source for the larvae when they hatch. 

It’s at this point in the Larvae’s life that it’s most destructive and can be harmful to humans, even though they don’t bite like fleas their hairs cause an allergic reaction making skin go red and itchy.

 How can I protect myself from Carpet Beetle infestation?

Your best protection is Professional Pest Control after that prevention is a big deal, Cleanliness is a priority, keep your carpets well hoovered, store textiles away in containers and sealed bags.
Any badly sealed window frames and doors, cracks in walls etc are all easy ways that pests in general can and will enter your property and take up residence.
Carpet Beetles only eat natural fibres this is due to the protein Keratin.

That’s right Keratin what you see advertised on TV to help strengthen weak and damaged hair. If you are thinking why don’t I just use synthetic textiles then you will definitely put the carpet beetle off from setting up home in your property.

What are the signs of infestation?

Unlike the Clothes Moth who eat at your garments leaving small holes in different areas, the Carpet Beetle will devour a large area or follow a seam in the clothing if the thread is of a certain liking. 

I think I have an infestation what next?

Remove any damaged clothing, put it in the bin. Other clothing that looks untouched put straight in the washing machine on a hot wash. Then vacuum the area picking up adults, eggs and larvae.
You can use some boric acid sprinkled round possible entry points and steam cleaning your carpets which will kill off any escapees. 

Carpet Beetles are really hard to get rid of so calling a professional pest controller is your best bet for great results, Call Elysium Pest Control NOW!

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