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Are you looking for effective squirrel treatment in Fife? Elysium Pest Control can certainly help you.

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Squirrel Treatment Fife

Whether you want to learn how to get rid of squirrels because they are in your attic, scaring the birds away from birdbaths and feeders, or just want to ensure your children aren’t at risk when they play in your garden, squirrel treatment can be achieved in a number of different ways.

Why Getting Rid of Squirrels May Be Harder Than You Thought
Occasionally Grey Squirrels and Red squirrels inhabit the same area, as Reds are protected cage trapping for Greys is the only option.

Squirrels can also be taken using pellet guns and shotguns, both of which can be used to get rid of squirrels if the law allows. Of course, that involves killing the squirrel, which isn’t always the most pleasant thing to do.

But as the Wildlife and countryside act 1981 and Environmental Protection points out, even humane removal can fail:

‟The trapping of squirrels can temporarily solve a persistent problem but will not help in the long run, since other squirrels will soon come into an area to replace the removed animals.”

In short, figuring out how to get rid of squirrels can drive you nuts. Avoid all the hassle and just call Elysium Pest Control for squirrel removal or any other wildlife control issues you might have.

Grey Squirrels


Grey squirrels are what people most commonly see in their backyards and city parks they are alien to the United Kingdom and are not protected by law.

 They carry disease which has been the main reason for decline in the Red Squirrel.

They are mostly seen foraging at ground level.



This body type is suited for climbing trees quickly. This skill helps them scurry to safety, away from predators, even if they are down at ground level foraging for acorns, nuts and berries.

In the trees, some species will eat bird eggs, baby birds, tree bark and tree sap.

They are identifiable by their Rusty Red fur, long ears, bushy tails, sharp claws and ability to hop from branch to branch without missing a beat.

Red Squirrels

Squirrel Treatment Fife

Signs of Squirrels in Your Home or Business
These are the seven signs easiest to spot when looking for evidence of squirrels in your home or loft.

 ·     Scratching and rustling sound from your loft or a wall cavity
·      Spotting droppings in the loft – although you might need a pest controller to identify these droppings
·      Smell of urine in the loft area might indicate the infestation has been going on some time
·      Spotting lots of other squirrels around your property, particularly near your roof or on high fences
·      Fruit and nuts being stolen from bird feeders, or the feeders being disturbed/knocked over
·      Bark being stripped from trees in your garden
·      Holes in vents or damage to your insulation foam.

Squirrel Treatment Fife

It’s important with squirrels (as with all pest species) that a pest controller assesses whether lethal control is necessary.

Call Elysium Pest Control today for effective squirrel treatment.


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