Elysium Pest Control offers Quality Fly Control in Fife.

If you have tried everything you can to combat flies in your home or business and they still persist in returning you may need to get professional help from us, Elysium Pest Control based in Dalgety Bay Dunfermline Fife.

Flies more than often are more a nuisance than a threat unfortunately there are a few species that will lay their eggs in human food causing serious damage to health.

 We control all types of flying pest’s Elysium know how to get rid of unwanted fly infestations. We have extensive knowledge about our different flies found in Fife and use the most efficient industry approved environmentally friendly treatments.
Keeping your home or business protected from flying insects without polluting the environment.


Our services are suitable for commercial and domestic premises covering the following flying insects.

What do they look like?

Your average Common house fly (musca domestica) is about 7mm in length, a wingspan of 14mm with a dirty grey thorax and darker stripes on the body. It starts life as a maggot which has several changes from white to cream in colour. 

Where do they come from?

A female will lay about 9,000 white eggs during her life onto decaying food stuffs. In a 24hr period a maggot will hatch and feed on decaying organic material and when it is ready to turn into pupae it will find a dry cold sheltered spot and will change in colour to a red/brown. Found mostly around rubbish and bin areas the adult will survive for about 2 weeks, the females ready for mating after 36 hours of adulthood.

How can I control them in and around my property?

Good sanitation and waste management is essential if you have any hopes of stopping fly issues in the first place. This will help giving the flies breeding areas, keeping food waste in sealed containers is the top priority in the home and educating your work force in using waste disposal areas correctly.

In Agriculture, manure in farms needs to be stored dry as the flies need damp areas to breed.

Can House Flies make my family ill?

Houseflies carry disease, Tuberculosis and Typhoid cholera that is why it is important that they do not get a regular feeding routine on food being prepared or buffet style servings in restaurants and hotels.

How can I control them on my premises?

Fly screens, UV lighting units and traps combined with bait are all great fly proofing methods which Elysium Pest Control provides at an affordable price.

Bluebottle Control Fife.

The Bluebottle (calliphora vomitoria) is mainly associated with dead animals or rotting meat found around waste units which when lids are left off the units will help the fly breed rapidly.    

What do they look like?

They are 5 to12mm in length, 25mm wing span and metallic blue in colour.

Where do they come from?

The female can lay up to 600 eggs in clusters in decaying or raw meat, they will hatch anything between 18 to 48 hours as long as the temperature is between 18 and 20 oC, the maggots eat for about 10 days growing to 18mm in length. When ready to pupate they will go to soil mainly, the fly will emerge 2 weeks later with a life cycle of 35 days. 

What do they eat?

Any meat product, decaying matter, excrement and manure.

How can I control them on my premises?

 Like houseflies the use of fly screens, UV lights and fly traps all work but remember that good sanitation and waste hygiene is a must whether it’s in your home or business. 

 Drain fly Treatment Fife.

If the drain fly(Psychodoidea) is present in your premises then there is definitely a slow or blocked drain. They mate, lay eggs and congregate in dampness and standing water.
The greasy film that forms in drains etc is a favourite breeding site for this fly. Not keeping up a regular cleaning routine, extended holidays and vacant property are the usual reasons encountered for causes to infestation.

Do they carry Disease? 

Due to the filth found in drains etc you would think that they would but they are not known to spread disease but can spread bacteria.

How do I know I’ve got Drain fly?

You will know you have them due to the adults resting on the walls of the breeding sites like bathrooms and kitchens, larvae in the form of small black worms can be seen in the breeding material.

Can I deal with it myself?

Removal of the breeding material in the drain is the correct way to deal with this issue, drain cleaner will not fix this problem. Once the material is removed the adults have nowhere to breed and will die off in about 2 weeks.

Cluster Fly Treatment Fife.

If you have tried everything to get rid of Cluster flies(Pollenia) without success then you may need a professional cluster fly treatment carried out in your property.

The benefits of using Elysium Pest Control for all your flying pest issues.

For years we have been dealing with all kinds of pests using different treatments tailored for specific species, we know which ones get the best results. Tackling fly infestations with fly spray bought from your local store will not sort out your problem the way that a professional treatment can.

Elysium Pest Control get used for fly treatments in Fife because.

·       Services – Our flexibility and services combined with our availability make us stand out from other pest control companies.
·      Treatments – Our products comply with COSHH regulations and even though they are powerful are harmless to human beings and animals.
·      Transparency – Our treatment prices are final once the survey is complete. There are no hidden costs or revisit charges.
·      Emergency Call out – we can arrange a same day treatment if needed.
We also cover Mosquitoes, Booklice and Cockroaches.

Call Elysium Pest Control for all your Fly Control in Fife.

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