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Pests are one of the many nuisances that can disrupt your place of business. They may seem harmless, but they can create a multitude of issues, ranging from contamination to added costs. No one is entirely immune to infestation, regardless of how tidy your warehouse may be. However, with the proper knowledge, you can prevent, identify and remove pests—the right way. Everyone should take pride in their house keeping or commercial cleaning routines as a first line of defence against pests. Sometimes much more is required than just to keep pests away, we seal any form of entry to your premises to safely block pests from entering. At Elysium Pest Control we know where to look for Rodent ingress points and how to keep your premises pest free.

Biological pest control is the use of living organisms to help eliminate the infestation. This can be anything from predators to parasites to pathogens. One of the biggest advantages of natural methods is that they don’t involve the use of toxic chemicals. As a result, this method doesn’t harm humans or the environment. In addition, over time, pests don’t become resistant to the control solution. However, most biological methods are only feasible for small pest invasions like insects or plants, and they typically take some time to work.

Chemical pest control is the use of pesticides to destroy harmful insects or organisms. These solutions are typically easier to find and use than biological methods. Also, most chemicals produce faster, if not, instant results upon application. Examples include repellants, which are solutions that deter pests that crawl or fly within your perimeter or insecticides, that are substances that are designed to kill insects. Despite their many advantages, these toxins can pose health and environment threats upon exposure, but most modern chemical’s effects are only temporary.

With an active approach and the right products, you can ensure pests don’t get in the way of running your business or facility. Routine monitoring and a quick response can go a long way in preventing and controlling pests.

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