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You may be surprised to learn that woodworm has a three-year life cycle from entering the wood and laying their eggs, to the insect-eating away at the wood and eventually leaving the surface via an exit hole.

Once woodworm is confirmed, Elysium will:

  • Identify the type of beetle and the scale of the infestation
  • Establish if the woodworm is active and which stage of its life cycle it is in
  • Specify a treatment for your property
  • Identify any other repairs required (e.g. for dry rot or damp)

How can I Prevent Woodworm?

The key to this is the level of moisture in your timber. All woodworm larvae prefer higher moisture content, simply because it makes the wood easier to chew.

So, you should eliminate any damp patches in your home that will affect structural timbers or house furniture.

Furniture beetles tend to prefer hardwoods with the moisture content of 28% or above. But equally, they can survive with moisture down to 12%, but they find it harder to feed.

So keep your home well heated and ventilated and, where appropriate, seal your wood with varnish.

The other risk to avoid is bringing woodworm into your house. Always check new antique purchases for any evidence of worm and keep any stored firewood outdoors.

You don’t want to invite a woodworm family to settle in, and eat you out of house and home, literally.

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