So, you are looking for a professional pest control company that deals with wasp nest removal in Dunfermline? Elysium Pest Control provide professional wasp nest removal and wasp nest eradication in Fife for both domestic and commercial customers. Removing a wasp nest can be very dangerous. Wasps inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest and young.

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Wasp Nest Removal Process

At Elysium Pest Control, wasp nest removal in Fife is one of our specialities and we do this by eliminating the wasps including the nests.

What Are The Signs Of A Wasp Nest?

If there is a high volume of wasps in your home or garden there is likely to be a nest nearby. A mature nest in summer can contain thousands of wasps. It is important to treat a wasp nest early to reduce the threat of a wasp sting, which can be very painful and even cause an allergic reaction.

FACT: Nests cannot be removed straight away after professional treatments, as it can take several days for foraging wasps to come home to the nest. You need to wait until all the wasps have had time to return. As they do, they will also become contaminated and this ensures that the whole colony is dealt with in one go.

Where To Find A Wasps Nest?

It isn’t always possible to see the actual wasp nest, it could be hidden under roof slates or behind a window frame. There are several insects that look like pest wasps too, such as honey bees, hover flies and wood wasps. It isn’t always easy to tell the difference between them, especially from a distance.

Looking To Avoid A Wasp Problem?

Wasp nest treatment is critical if you want to get rid of wasps buzzing around your home and to reduce the risk of painful wasp stings.

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