Have you seen gnaw marks or found black droppings about 10mm in length then you may have RATS.

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Rats are active mostly at night so you dont normally see them, they do however leave signs to indicate their activity on your property.

Holes that have been gnawed by rats are about 50 mm and larger in diameter. They have rough edges they do prefer to gnaw on wood, but can and will gnaw on electrical wiring.

Rats hind foot tracks are about 20-25 mm where a mouse’s track measure’s 12 mm or less. They also drag their tails, leaving a mark between their feet tracks.

The droppings are capsule shaped and measure 6mm to 12mm in length with blunt ends (not tapered). They are shiny black in colour, but may vary according to their diets.

You will see them in your attic, above suspended ceilings and in cavity walls if there is activity.

Rat burrows can be found under decking, beneath rubbish, under bin areas, shrubs and along foundations.

If the burrow is active its usually clear of rubble, vegetation and cobwebs. Rat runways are normally smooth and well packed.

Indoors you may see smear marks from their coat if they have been climbing or traversing round roof beams, runways on the floor are free from dirt and dust.

Rat nests are also something to look for as they will shred available material like insulation from pipes, loft insulation, cardboard boxes and they will use old clothing that has been bagged up and left in the loft.

If you have spotted any of these signs you should call Elysium Pest Control to ensure that the infestation is brought under control quickly.



Attics and loft spaces, look for Droppings, shredded insulation and damage to boxes.
Kitchens and utility rooms, look behind appliances and where pipes and cables enter the room. Under kick boards where waste pipes come up from under the floor is a common one.


Common outside places to look for activity are Decking, check for gnaw marks and rubbing also burrows pushing under wood panels.

Sheds, Rats like to store and consume food under sheds. Garages, look for gnaw marks at the base of doors.

Compost bins, this is a warm place for rats and also a food source. Keep lids closed and check for damage to plastic.

Drains, look for burrows or damage to the drainage system as they use the drains as a highway to move around in.


If you have come across a rat during the day then this could be a bigger problem than you think.

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