Fleas can be a problem in the domestic house hold or in the work place, they can be transported in by dogs and cats, birds nesting or brought in on clothing contaminated whilst visiting other premises.


Fleas brought in by your dog or cat will develop in your carpet and be rest assured that your animal will contract a flea infestation during their lives.
Flea saliva is one of the most allergenic diseases in pets and is called (Flea Allergic Dermatitis).

When they bite and take blood during an infestation it can cause anaemia in young animals and even death.

Living between one and two weeks, they will jump onto your pet to feed then return back to your carpet to lay more eggs, this happens every 24 hours.

Flea larvae get wedged down into your carpet and furniture and can lay dormant for several months.

Flea adults sense warmth, vibration and will jump up onto pets or humans as they pass by starting the process all over again.

Flea activity on your pet is pretty obvious when you see them continually scratching, fleas are dark brown in colour and can be easily identified on the fur of your animal.

When looking at the underbelly of your pet it is easy to spot activity as you will see Flea dirt (little black specs) and the occasional Flea about 2mm in length.

Fleas are at their worst in the middle of summer although a house with a warm heating system can keep them alive all year.


De flea just before summer and during the winter this will give your pet and home protection.

If you have got them in your home then it is advised to get a professional spray treatment carried out as soon as possible.

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