The mouse most common rodent in Fife is the house mouse.
Their colour varies between grey and light brown.
Their Bodies vary in length up to 90mm and the tail can be just as long as the body.
The droppings found are black, 3-6mm in length about the size of a grain of rice. 

Where do Mice Live in Your Home?

The house mouse can be found in all domestic and commercial properties around Fife, although they may live for part of the year outdoors.

During the winter mice build nests indoors, the majority of the time in the attic where there is plenty of warmth from the heat rising from the building and its occupants.
Under the floors and cavities in walls are also known for nesting sites, which are built out of insulation, paper, cloth and wool.
A normal sized  Mouse hole is about 25mm in diameter.
Mice are mostly nocturnal creatures and can be heard scuttling around as they search for food.        
Mice can squeeze into holes as small as 5mm.

What do Mice Eat?

Cereal products are the favourite source of food for the mouse, however they will eat almost anything, crumbs under furniture etc.
They will rip open packets of biscuits, porridge boxes, bird food, cat and dog food
And due to the lack of an anus leave droppings where they eat and mark their territory with urine towers. They will gnaw through wood just to get to a food source and use plastic pipe work and electrical cabling just to keep their teeth sharp

They are so cute why are they categorised as pests?
Mice need to be kept under control because:

(1)  They carry diseases that are hazardous to both humans and animals, Hantavirus, LCMV Meningitis, Typhus, Jaundice to name but a few.
(2)  Food will get contaminated by them.
(3)  They destroy property causing floods and fires.

 How do I know if My Home has Mice?

An infestation can be easily spotted, damage to cereal boxes, droppings in the kitchen and heating cupboards, holes in the ground and in extreme cases you can smell them.

 How Can I Get Rid of Mice?

It is important that you get rid of them quickly before they damage cables, plastic water pipes and insulation.
Elysium Pest Control provides a tailored service for the treatment of mice in your home or commercial property.

How Can I Prevent an Infestation of Mice?

(1)  Waste materials and rubbish can attract rodents when left to stack up.
(2)  Ensure all waste especially food waste is disposed of correctly.
(3)  Food and food waste should be stored in sealed containers, including compost bins.
(4)  Stored materials should be at least 30cm off the ground to make access harder and identification of an infestation easier. Products should also be kept away from walls.


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