Grey squirrels live in either Drays or in tree hollow dens, they have two main breeding seasons, the first is February to March and the second is June to July, they have an average litter size of three and they are not protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Their life expectancy is about two years and are active just before sunrise until sunset. They rarely travel more than 500 metres from their nest site.

  • Important – Damage to Property
  • They chew woodwork and ceilings
  • They strip electrical insulation
  • They tear up fibreglass insulation in the attic to form nests
  • They are sometimes found drowned in water storage tanks
    Proofing is therefore important to prevent access and tree limp pruning is also important as Squirrels are good at jumping.

Financial implications – Damage to forestry caused by stripping bark, especially on Sycamore and Beech trees.