Autumn is coming, Screams will be heard from bathrooms and living rooms all over the country.

Spiders are normally measured from nose to tail and the average house spider is 10-14mm in length with legs of 50-60mm.

It seems to be that if you are afraid of something you attract it, like illness or unwanted bills before pay day.

Arachnophobes seem to be Spider magnets and they always have larger and more spiders in their property than anyone else.

The house spider starts off quite small and is not noticed during the year but come breeding season (Autumn) they have reached maturity and you will find them running across the carpet and in the bath tub looking for a suitable partner to mate with.

Its always so easy just to squash them or hoover them up but they are important, keeping down flies that carry disease and mites that bite which are of more harm to us than the Giant House Spider.

If you must, move them on with an empty glass and a bit of card, put them away from the house or into a shed or garage to protect them from the elements. Even if you don’t believe it, they protect us in their own way.

Remember Robert The Bruce who was inspired to fight on after watching the determination of a Spider rebuilding his web.

If you would like to help (The British Arachnological Society) they are after pictures and information of all sightings for a nationwide survey.

Hope you like the pictures of some of the other Spiders that can be found in and around our gardens and remember they wont hurt you.