Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts

Needing Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts? You might if you happen to live in an old property with sash windows.

If you believe this is describes the windows in your property you might need to contact your local Fly Control Experts in Fife.

Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts in Fife

Let’s talk about Cluster Flies. Elysium Pest Control who are Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts in Fife.  The name Cluster Fly refers to these flies hibernating habits of clustering together in large numbers, mostly in attic spaces in old properties. Several cluster fly species are found in Fife often in mixed swarms. The different species vary in size from 5 – 9mm. They are larger than the house fly but only just, they tend to fly slower than other flies making them easy to distinguish.

These cluster flies can be recognised by their obvious stripes behind the head, short beige hairs on their thorax and a spotted mid grey abdomen.

Cluster flies lay their eggs on damp soil or beneath dead vegetation and rotting leaves the eggs are swallowed by worms and incubate inside the worm eventually passing through.

 The adult flies feed on the nectar from wild and garden plants. The weather has a lot to do with the life cycle of the fly. In Fife two breeding seasons of cluster flies are common, in warmer areas of the country 4 seasons are possible.

 During the summer and early autumn, you will not find them in buildings. As the weather gets colder, they seek shelter in attic spaces in houses and roof voids in other buildings.

What are the signs that You have Cluster Flies?

Cluster flies will start entering buildings during the autumn to escape the cold and to hibernate over winter. When the weather starts becoming warmer, they will become more active again and will be more noticeable.

Cluster flies are usually found in rural settings which are quite common in Fife and the surrounding areas and can be found in loft spaces or sometimes in unused rooms, Sash windows are a favourite mainly due to the access holes for the pully mechanism.

Windows that get a lot of sun are a usual area in which large numbers of Cluster Fly can be found.

 DO Cluster Flies Carry a Disease?

Cluster Flies don’t carry disease they do however cause anguish to occupants of the property, as they congregate at windows trying to get out (A great tip, just open the window and let them out).

What Kind of Fly Control Treatment is carried out and Do I need to worry about my Pets?

An Elysium Pest Control technician will call you to arrange a suitable time to come and complete a full survey.

We do supply our own ladders although it would be useful to know if loft ladders are fitted as we will need access into your attic space.

We will visit and assess the location of the cluster flies. Protective clothing is always worn for this treatment as ULV (Ultra Low Volume) spray equipment applies an insecticide mist in the attic space which sticks to surfaces.

The cluster flies will become very active and will start to die very quickly, this starts within a few minutes of the treatment. The insecticide used will destroy that generation of the Cluster Fly but will not prevent them returning.

Pets will not be harmed by the ULV treatment, but it is advisable to keep them away from the treatment area for a few hours till the mist settles.

How Do I Prevent Cluster Flies coming back?

It is extremely difficult to prevent cluster flies entering a property. Proofing a building for flies is not very effective especially in old premises. However, repairing doors and window seals and proofing entry points in roof tiles and soffits can help.

Poor hygiene is not a reason for Cluster Fly infestation, it has never been proven why a particular property has been chosen for the fly to hibernate in over winter. 

If you suffer from regular cluster fly infestations, we are able to offer treatments to destroy the current cluster fly generation. 


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