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Clients often come to Elysium Pest Control because they have an issue with fleas. But how can they tell?

Is your pet scratching themselves? That is often the way to determine whether you have fleas.

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Flea Control Fife

For every Flea that lives on your dog or cat there will be 100 more starting to develop in your carpet and at some point your animal will suffer an infestation.

The Flea saliva is considered to be an extremely allergenic substance as it can cause Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD) Also when fleas bite they ingest blood and if the infestation is severe it could cause anemia in young animals or even death.

Fleas can live between 1 to 2 weeks and will divide their time between living on your pet to feed and returning to your carpet to lay eggs, this happens every day.

The larvae then get into carpets and upholstery and can lay dormant for several months.  When the adults sense warmth and vibrations they will jump onto your pet and start the cycle over again.

Flea Control Fife
Flea Control Fife


The most obvious sign of fleas will be that your pet is scratching continuously, you should also be able to see them in the fur of your pets.

Fleas are dark brown and are approximately 1 – 2mm long, you should also find tiny black specks of flea dirt on your pet just under their fur or on their stomach or in the groin area (looks like black pepper).

The height of the summer is when fleas are most rife, they can be just as bad in the winter if you have a warm central heated home.

During the winter is the best time to de-flea your pet and just before the beginning of the summer. Regular Flea treatments of your pet as advised by your local vet will keep them to a minimum.


Flea treatments of property are not done without physical evidence Elysium can survey your property and position flea traps to get an idea of infestation levels.

Once the problem has been identified a course of treatment can be decided upon.


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