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Feral Pigeons inhabit every town and city in the UK and are a serious hazard to health. Unfortunately their human dependence for food leaves each pigeon dropping 13 KG of excrement every year.

13 kg x 18 million of a population inhabiting the UK equals and amounts to us being very busy Pest Controllers. They are descended from the Rock Dove and have a great colour variation from white to black, they weigh around 270 grams and consume around 60 grams of food per day. Their flock sizes range from 40 to 340 birds each flock having a distinct territory.

Diseases spread include:

Salmonella; Escherichia coli; Campylobacter jejuni; Listeria Monocytogenes and Vibrio Cholerae.

They also spread bird parasites that bite including the Pigeon Bug; Pigeon Tick; Bird Mite and Bird Flea.

NOTE: Airborne disease (dust) from excrement is extremely hazardous to health.
They lay between 2/3 eggs each time, take 30 days to fledge, 4 months to mature and live for around 7 years.

Understanding the life cycle, biology and character is what allows Elysium Pest Control to deliver a Professional Service. Our Technicians are fully trained and qualified by RSPH, BPCA and NPTA making us the preferred choice for Pigeon and Gull control in Fife, Kinross, Perth, Stirling and Edinburgh.