Dealing with Rat Holes in Fife

Elysium Pest Control of Dunfermline attended a call out for Rat activity last month in the city of Dunfermline – this is one of four different properties attended in September 2020 for Rats.

Scratching noises were heard above the owners converted garage, as it was getting worse they decided to call Elysium Pest Control after seeing our posts on Facebook.

Initial Survey Dealing with Rats in Garden

First an inspection of the external fabric of the house to see how the Rats had been getting in. Without too much investigation a hole was found behind the gas box leading under the floor cavity. This is common and I would say 70% of the time the entry point for the animals. The box was broken and collecting rainwater.

Did you know Rats need 60ml per day to survive!

The vegetation at the side of the house was overgrown giving harbourage. We then went into the house sticking to covid-19 distancing wearing masks and gloves to check the attic for activity. On inspection we found droppings and evidence of nest building, a family of Rats had taken up residence, we placed some spring traps around this area. The rest of the property was checked especially the kitchen and under the kitchen unit kick plates,

The Initial Approach to Dealing With Rats

Check the area where the waste pipe for the kitchen sink goes through the floor, plumbers like to make an oversized hole and not block it up (Drafty too), this is a common area to find droppings and on some occasions you will smell Rat urine. 

First visit completed and recommendations given to the owners and a return visit booked in the diary.

Final Visit in Dealing with Rats 

Ten days and four Rats caught, no more noises and no sign of activity in the monitoring dust or in the bait. The hole was sealed up, gas box repaired and vegetation cut away around the side of the house.

Elysium Pest Control Top Tips For Avoiding Rats

  • The owners did not keep animals but if you do, keep your dog food in a sealed boxes Rats love dog food and will eat their way into cupboards bins and bags.
  • Feeding the birds at this time of year is unnecessary, again keep bird seed in a sealed container and don’t through bread into your garden.
  • Water catchment areas like upturned garden furniture, fence paint pots, old car tyres are all an easy source of water empty them out if possible.
  • Try to keep the brown bin away from your property especially if you put food waste in it and never over fill that much that you can’t close the lid.
  • An overgrown garden is a haven to Rats keep it cut back away from your property it will stop them breaking in. Check for burrows and flaws in the building, seal them up.

I hope this information has been of some good to you, if you are hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic give Elysium Pest Control a call.

We will try and get to you as soon as possible.