Elysium pest control - Ants

In Fife the usual Ant species that we come across is The Black or Garden Ant.

Black Ants are not regarded as a threat to public health, they do however pass through unhygenic surfaces in the search for food.

Contamination of work surfaces in kitchens and food preparation areas can be caused. The Law states that food and drink must be fit for human consumption. Contamination can happen very easily when food and utensils are left lying around NOTE: Ants have the potential to become a health hazard.


Ant infestations can be dealt with effectively with a one time treatment. If you own or manage commercial premises dealing with food processing, kitchens or just staff eating areas a regular visit by a professional pest controller can be your answer to keep insects at bay.


!!!! Ants in the kitchen??!! A common problem in most homes. Elysium Pest Control can deal with ants quickly with a guarantee of a great, effective solution along with tips and proofing techniques to prevent future issues.


For most people, insects on their premises gives a bad impression. Wither its Mum having friends round for coffee and cake or potential clients helping themselves to a cup of tea.

Example 1

A large Solicitors in Dunfermline had an ant problem, staff frequently ate their lunch and had tea breaks at their desk. This is a NO! NO! We attended and dealt with the infestation quickly, giving advice to staff and office managers that this practise needed to stop. Food source away, no more ants… job done!

Example 2

After being called out to a supermarket office admin area, where the accountant had fresh orange juice in her desk in a glass. Slight spillage was a regular occurence, just rings off the base of the glass but enough to feed the ants (the cleaners wipe the desk down she said) not with bacterial wipes to which I wiped the surface and produced a rather grey wet wipe caused by sugar residue. My point being that the ants don`t need much to be attracted to your desk top, wither its crumbs or juice/coffee rings.

Hot sticky summers, warm winters all have effects from one year to the next on ants and their behaviour. Wither they are flying or crawling, Elysium pest control can deal with them. Call us on 01383 630240 or 07565793626