The Case Bearing and Common Clothes Moth are our two main Clothes Moths found in Fife.

Bird nests and Animal nests are usually where the Moths come from only eating feathers, fur and wool, they are most likely therefore to feed on clothes and carpets in your home especially in dark areas where they are not disturbed.


Clothes Moths thrive in humid conditions and hide in dark areas for example under beds, furniture, carpets and in clothing such as under collars of jackets.

The Larvae can be seen crawling on the floor or on clothes hanging up, as well as clothes they will eat carpets, curtains, furniture and rugs.

Wool products and fur are also a favourite of the Moth as they are used to eating hair, Feathers, dead insects and pollen.

The Female Clothes Moth has a wing span of four to seven mm the male is a bit smaller with a body length of around six mm long, with a golden yellow colouring.

The Larvae has a brown head with a creamy white coloured body, the eggs are cream in colour with an oval shape to them.


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