Dealing with Rats Case Study in Dunfermline

Elysium Pest Control of Dunfermline attended a call out for Rat activity last month in the city of Dunfermline – this is one of four different properties attended in September 2020 for Rats. Scratching noises were heard above the owners converted garage, as it was getting worse they decided to call Elysium Pest Control after […]

Pest Control Glenrothes

Pest Control Glenrothes Pest Control Services in Glenrothes delivered by Elysium regularly have pest control technicians that work in your area every week. So, if your pest removal request is urgent then give us a call as there will be someone ready in the area to fix your problem. The Benefits of Your Local Pest […]

Pest Control Dunfermline

Pest Control management for those in the Dunfermline area – offered by Elysium Pest Control delivering reliable pest management solutions in Dunfermline weekly.  Our Pest Control Price’s extremely Competitive The same pest controller will be able to deal with your pest control problem’s through from start to finish and most importantly make sure you are satisfied […]


As an adult the average Rat can weigh between 12 -16 oz, with a body length of 15-20 cm long. The nose is blunt with small ears, and small eyes. The fur is shaggy and coarse with variation in colours. The tail is shorter than the head and body combined, and is quite scaly. Rats […]

Pest Control in Fife – Rats

SIGNS OF RATS Have you seen gnaw marks or found black droppings about 10mm in length then you may have RATS. This is not a problem as we can help just call us now on 01383 829700 or 07565 793626. ABOUT RATS Rats are active mostly at night so you dont normally see them, they […]