Pest Control Glenrothes

Pest Control Glenrothes Pest Control Services in Glenrothes delivered by Elysium regularly have pest control technicians that work in your area every week. So, if your pest removal request is urgent then give us a call as there will be someone ready in the area to fix your problem. The Benefits of Your Local Pest […]

Pest Control Dunfermline

Pest Control management for those in the Dunfermline area – offered by Elysium Pest Control delivering reliable pest management solutions in Dunfermline weekly.  Our Pest Control Price’s extremely Competitive The same pest controller will be able to deal with your pest control problem’s through from start to finish and most importantly make sure you are satisfied […]

Dermestes Beetle – Pest Advice and Insect Control

Do you think you have a Dermestes Beetle problem in your premises? For expert Beetle treatments in Fife call Elysium Pest Control  The following are the most common Dermestes beetle found in Fife. (a)   Hide Beetle (Dermestes Maculatus) (b)  Larder Beetle (Dermestes Lardarius) (c)   Black Larder Beetle (Dermestes Lardarius) (d)  Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus) Dermestes […]

Fly Control Experts Fife | Elysium Pest Control

Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts Needing Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts? You might if you happen to live in an old property with sash windows. If you believe this is describes the windows in your property you might need to contact your local Fly Control Experts in Fife. Cluster Fly Pest Control Experts in Fife […]


Fleas can be a problem in the domestic house hold or in the work place, they can be transported in by dogs and cats, birds nesting or brought in on clothing contaminated whilst visiting other premises. FLEA CONTROL IN FIFE Fleas brought in by your dog or cat will develop in your carpet and be […]


The Case Bearing and Common Clothes Moth are our two main Clothes Moths found in Fife. Bird nests and Animal nests are usually where the Moths come from only eating feathers, fur and wool, they are most likely therefore to feed on clothes and carpets in your home especially in dark areas where they are […]

Controlling Ants in Fife

In Fife the usual Ant species that we come across is The Black or Garden Ant. Black Ants are not regarded as a threat to public health, they do however pass through unhygenic surfaces in the search for food. Contamination of work surfaces in kitchens and food preparation areas can be caused. The Law states […]