Pest Control Glenrothes

Pest Control Glenrothes Pest Control Services in Glenrothes delivered by Elysium regularly have pest control technicians that work in your area every week. So, if your pest removal request is urgent then give us a call as there will be someone ready in the area to fix your problem. The Benefits of Your Local Pest […]

Pest Control Dunfermline

Pest Control management for those in the Dunfermline area – offered by Elysium Pest Control delivering reliable pest management solutions in Dunfermline weekly.  Our Pest Control Price’s extremely Competitive The same pest controller will be able to deal with your pest control problem’s through from start to finish and most importantly make sure you are satisfied […]

The Gull (Laridae)

There are 6 main species of Gull breeding around the coasts of UK. They are the Greater and Lesser Black Back Gull; Black Headed Gull; Herring Gull; Common Gull and Kittiwake. All are associated with coastal towns although the Herring and Lesser and Greater Black Back Gulls are now being found in larger numbers inland […]


Pigeons nesting under solar panels is an increasing problem. The solution is to fit a metal ‘cage’ around the solar panels and to run bird wire along the length of the gutter. Bird-proofing is not straightforward and if it is to be both effective and inconspicuous it should be fitted by trained technicians. All too […]

Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeons inhabit every town and city in the UK and are a serious hazard to health. Unfortunately their human dependence for food leaves each pigeon dropping 13 KG of excrement every year. 13 kg x 18 million of a population inhabiting the UK equals and amounts to us being very busy Pest Controllers. They […]

Birds Pest Control in Fife

Pest Control in Fife always appears to be a hot topic especially with our gulls and other bird species considered to be pests. Known species of Pest Birds are a constant topic of discussion in the coastal areas of Fife and Edinburgh. Elysium Pest Control have years of experience in dealing with birds that are […]