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Dermestes Beetle – Pest Advice and Insect Control

Do you think you have a Dermestes Beetle problem in your premises? For expert Beetle treatments in Fife call Elysium Pest Control  The following are the most common Dermestes beetle found in Fife. (a)   Hide Beetle (Dermestes Maculatus) (b)  Larder Beetle (Dermestes Lardarius) (c)   Black Larder Beetle (Dermestes Lardarius) (d)  Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus) Dermestes […]

Fly Control Experts Fife | Elysium Pest Control

Do you live in an old property with sash windows? For expert Fly treatments in Fife call   Elysium Pest Control. Cluster flies are found throughout Europe and the UK. The name refers to their hibernating habits of clustering together in large numbers mostly in attic spaces in old property. Several species are found in Fife […]

Mole Control Fife: Mole Issues We Can Fix For You

Do you have issues with moles in Fife? As members of the Guild of British Mole Catchers, Elysium Pest Control deals with all issues relating to moles. Related content: Common Pests We Deal With Mole Control Fife: What Are Moles? A small animal the size of the palm of your hand with a body covered […]

Flea Control Fife: Professional Pest Control Services

For effective Flea Control Fife, give Elysium Pest Control a call. Clients often come to Elysium Pest Control because they have an issue with fleas. But how can they tell? Is your pet scratching themselves? That is often the way to determine whether you have fleas. Related content: Fleas – Other Useful Information Flea Control […]


You may be surprised to learn that woodworm has a three-year life cycle from entering the wood and laying their eggs, to the insect-eating away at the wood and eventually leaving the surface via an exit hole. Once woodworm is confirmed, Elysium will: Identify the type of beetle and the scale of the infestation Establish […]